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The Travel Massager

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A massager which is small, compact and perfect for travel it features 4 different heads which are suitable for massaging the scalp, muscles, body tiredness as well as stimulating those erogenous areas.

  • Travel massager with 4 heads

  • Ideal for massaging muscles, the scalp, neck, intimate areas and more

  • Waterproof and comes with batteries included.

  • Measures: 4 inches in length

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Product Description


Massager. Sure. Well, yes it is. It is a compact, battery-powered device that is convenient to carry around if you’re someone who’s constantly on the move. The package comes with a chrome-colored unit with rotating ball bearings. These bearings can then be covered with four different types of rubber fittings for different massaging results. It can be used for scalp massaging, pinpoint massaging of tired muscles, relief from body fatigue, and, strangely enough, stimulation of erogenous zones!

So that settles it! The Compact Pro Travel Massager is not just a massager for the bugged down. It has the dual function of being a sex toy as well! Before going any further, let’s first discuss the length. The device is just four inches, which is nothing compared to other adult toys which can reach double that size. So if reach is an issue with you, then you might reconsider getting this. The weight is quite light at 0.12 kg.

The Compact Pro uses a water-based lubricant and is non-toxic and safe to use. It can also be washed with mild soap and water. For its size, it can be insertable, though only the tip moves and not the shaft. Still, it can deliver equally pleasurable results.


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