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The Cone Sex Toy

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The innovative Cone sex toy isn't like a normal toy, the hands free design means you can have a lot of fun with it. With 16 different automated programs to choose from this vibrating cone will deliver pleasure in many ways, what's more there is a orgasmic button for those wanting a quick fix.

  • Pink Cone Sex Toy

  • Unique and Innovative fun

  • As mentioned on the Jonathan Ross show

  • Comes with batteries

  • Measures: 7.5" x 7.5" x 4.5"

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Regular Price: £72.00

Special Price £59.95

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Product Description


The Cone has a deceptively simple design. It is what it is: basically a cone shaped device with a secret. This is probably the best part about the cone. No one familiar with the device will suspect that it is a sex toy. It can be freely displayed at the bedside table or on the coffee table with minimal risk. Just be sure guests are really unfamiliar with it.

The Cone looks impossible to use but it really is versatile. It features 16 automated programs including an orgasm button if you don’t have the time in the world for a suspenseful build-up. It has two buttons at the side. One is used to power the device on, and the other is used to select your preferred vibration mode. The vibration itself is powerful, and it can be heard quite easily when placed on a glass table.

The Cone does not offer complete penetration unlike other female adult toys. But it is tall enough to perform partial penetration. Its wide format allows a greater area of stimulation for intimate regions. The user manual features a variety of possible positions you can do with the toy. Used alone or with a partner, the results are equally rewarding.


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