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Spanish Fly Drops Inverma - Liquid Aphrodisiac

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This aphrodisiac can leave both me and women feeling very aroused, it's available in 50mg and can be an effective method to turn a woman on, simply mix with a drink. Add up to 10 drops in your favourite drink and 20 minutes later you'll be stimulated and your libido enhanced making you in the mood for sex.

  • Liquid Aphrodisiac - Spanish Fly Drops Inverma

  • Plain chocolate filled with mint fondant

  • 10ml

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Product Description


This is the original Spanish fly drug for both men and women. It is a potent aphrodisiac that is derived from a special Spanish beetle. This is the same chemical signal that the male beetles use for attracting their mates. The male beetle feeds mostly on tree matter so the chemical is naturally-derived and safe. The chemical is now extracted under rigid laboratory guidelines to achieve maximum effects at a safe dose. This will leave women highly ecstatic, aroused, and completely under your spell.

The drug works by causing a gentle irritation of the female urogenital tract, which is the general of a woman itching to have sex. It also provides a steady supply of lubrication during intercourse, making it pleasurable for both partners throughout the entire session. Spanish Fly Inverma is available in 10 milligrams is available to buy from us, please don't exceed 15 drops.


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