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Latex Super Shine Spray

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Bring back the original shine of your latex items with this super shine latex spray, easy and simple to use just spray on your items to give them a reflective and rich look.

  • Latex Spray

  • Brings back that rich, reflective shine

  • 40ml

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Product Description


Do you get excited by the look and feel of latex? If it’s your thing, then this is the product for you! What good is latex gear without the familiar shine and shimmer it exudes in low-lit rooms? A matte surface not only looks boring, but you might have a difficult time spotting your partner in the dark! Just a few spritzes from the bottle will make latex sleeker and shinier like the dark coat of a stallion ready for mounting. The resulting finish is sure to enhance any sexual encounter, and blow temperatures right off the charts.

The bottle weighs around 80 milligrams, and is available online for you to buy. You and your partner are just a few spritzes away from spicing things up in the bedroom.


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