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KY Jelly Lube Cream 80ml

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The best known brand and lubricant in the world, KY Jelly Lube Cream is the perfect item to help lubricate things during sex, the water based lubricant jelly is simply and fun to use, makes things slippy and increase pleasure for everyone involved.

  • KY Jelly Lubricant Cream

  • 82g/80ml tube producing a lubricated natural feel

  • Bacteriostatic which means it prevents bacteria from reproducing

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Product Description


Caution! Slippery when wet! But that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Replace the pain with pleasure using KY cream. KY Jelly cream is a water-based lubricating jelly that is a delight to use. It has a bacteriostatic formula that prevents the spread of unwanted pathogens, so it is safe to use on almost any orifice you can imagine. Sexual gratification is sealed in a tube, and is manufactured by Johnson & Johnson. Where’s the fun of rubbing sandpaper against sandpaper when you can replace it with silk against silk? It’s time you give the pleasure both you and your partner deserve.

KY Cream weighs 82 grams and is available online for you to buy. Sex should feel less like a drag race and more of a marathon! Get yours now! 


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