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Durex Play Lube & Massage Gel - 2 in 1

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Get the best of both with this 2 in 1 from Durex, the gel acts as the perfect massage aid and it also is the ideal lubricant for when it turns to foreplay. It can be used on intimate areas and produces a silky and smooth sensation. You get the added bonus of this containing Vitamin E which helps keep skin healthy. Can be used all over your body and is fragrance free.

  • Durex 2 in 1 Massage and Lubricant Gel

  • Perfect for massages and as an intimate lube

  • 200ml bottle of 2 in 1

  • Non irritant, non greasy, fragrance free and sweet taste. Compatible with condoms

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Product Description


Suitable for both men and women this great product from one of the best known companies Durex can give you hours of pleasure and fun. The lubricant can be used on intimate areas and in foreplay while it can also be used as a massage gel on all other areas of your body. It is fragrance free and is compatible with condoms. The gel contains Vitamin E which has benefits for your skin keeping it nourished.

Durex Play Soothing Massage Gel and Lube brings new heights of pleasure to any intimate encounter. Enriched with Vitamin E and aloe vera, the gel’s smooth, non-sticky texture will feel great when applied to any part of your body. You will find that it can enhance the sensations of a sensual massage during foreplay, and you’ll be able reach for it again to use as a lubricant once things really start getting hot and heavy.

Since this product is water-based, it’s safe for condoms and a wide range of adult toys, and it won’t leave nasty stains on the bedclothes. In addition to being good for vaginal and anal intercourse, the sweet taste makes this Durex Gel and Lube ideal for oral sex as well.


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