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Astroglide Lube

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One of the world's most popular lubricant brands that was developed by a former Nasa scientist, the water based lube can heighten your sexual experience to astronomical heights. It lasts for hours, lubricates, is easily washed off and doesn't leave stains. Suitable for use with condoms and many adult toys.

  • Astroglide 2.5oz/70ml Lube

  • Natural feel, durable but easily cleaned and doesn't leave stains

  • Works with condoms and was developed by an ex NASA scientist

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Product Description


Astroglide is one of the world’s leading lubricant brands for a very good reason. Developed by former NASA chemist David Wray, this product’s water-based formula is sure to bring your sexual experiences to new astronomical heights. Its close similarity to natural body fluids enhances sensations and pleasure during sex, and it lasts for hours, so you can keep going for longer.

In addition to providing smooth lubrication for both solo play and intercourse with partners, Astroglide moisturizes intimate areas, making it perfect for women who are having problems with vaginal dryness. It also easily washes off with water, and will not leave stains on the sheets.

Astroglide is compatible for use with condoms, as well as a wide variety of rubber and silicone-based adult toys.


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